CRA000194 Information
Alias: CRA_194
Project: PRJCA000359 / CRP000194
Release date: 2017-02-27
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample
CRX011059 C3d-M407 Homo sapiens Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC010616
Run accession Alias Run data file information
CRR012546 HLB-030 sequence File: CRD026217.gz
CRR012547 HLB-166 sequence File: CRD026218.gz
CRR012548 HLB-182 sequence File: CRD026219.gz
CRR012549 F-TVK23 sequence File: CRD026220.gz
CRR012550 YCH449 sequence File: CRD026221.gz
CRR012551 NA19091 sequence File: CRD026222.gz
CRR012552 YCH198 sequence File: CRD026223.gz
CRR012553 YCH1483 sequence File: CRD026224.gz
CRR012554 Han_22814 sequence File: CRD026225.gz
CRR012555 JK4642 sequence File: CRD026226.gz
CRR012556 JK4668 sequence File: CRD026227.gz
CRR012557 NA18749 sequence File: CRD026228.gz
CRR012558 HLB-180 sequence File: CRD026229.gz
CRR012559 JK4682 sequence File: CRD026230.gz
CRR012561 Han-22171 sequence File: CRD026240.gz
CRR012562 YCH2246 sequence File: CRD026241.gz
CRR012563 YCH1699 File: CRD026242.gz
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Submitter:Yunzhi Huang (
Affiliation:Fudan University
Submission date:2017-02-27