CRA000235 Information
Alias: CRA_235
Release date: 2017-07-30
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title / Alias Taxon name Platform Project Sample Release date
CRX017574 Y-chromosome sequences of ten C3-F8894 samples, including eight samples with DYS448 deletion. human blood metagenome 454 GS 20 PRJCA000419
Run accession Title / Alias Run data file information Release date
CRR019114 FD-NYG268 File: CRD038446.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019115 FD-NYG53 File: CRD038420.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019116 FD-GSH208 File: CRD038423.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019117 FD-Kaz65 File: CRD038424.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019118 HLB-072 File: CRD038419.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019119 HLB-071 File: CRD038421.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019120 HLB-147 File: CRD038417.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019121 FD-NYG394 File: CRD038445.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019122 TJA-033 File: CRD038422.gz 2017-07-30
CRR019123 TJA-034 File: CRD038418.gz 2017-07-30
Submitter:Yunzhi Huang (
Affiliation:Fudan University
Submission date:2017-04-16