CRA000243 Information
Alias: CRA_243
BioProject: PRJCA000430 / CRP000243
Release date: 2018-08-20
Experiments & Runs
Experiment Accession Title Taxon Name Platform Sample accession
CRX017767 Y-chromosome sequences of thirty-nine samples that are related to Altaic-speaking populations. Homo sapiens Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC012854
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR019337 FD-BA57 File: CRD038594.gz
CRR019338 JK4682 File: CRD038595.gz
CRR019339 HLB-180 File: CRD038596.gz
CRR019340 HLB-153 File: CRD038597.gz
CRR019341 FD-DX54 File: CRD038598.gz
CRR019342 FD-DX90 File: CRD038599.gz
CRR019343 FD-NY81 File: CRD038600.gz
CRR019344 HLB-031 File: CRD038601.gz
CRR019345 HLB-062 File: CRD038602.gz
CRR019346 HLB-154 File: CRD038603.gz
CRR019347 HLB-069 File: CRD038604.gz
CRR019348 FD-GSH11 File: CRD038605.gz
CRR019349 FD-Kaz17 File: CRD038606.gz
CRR019350 FD-TVB03 File: CRD038607.gz
CRR019351 FD-KIR85 File: CRD038608.gz
CRR019352 FD-Kaz86 File: CRD038609.gz
CRR019353 HLB-125 File: CRD038610.gz
CRR019354 HLB-142 File: CRD038611.gz
CRR019355 HLB-046 File: CRD038612.gz
CRR019356 HLB012 File: CRD038613.gz
CRR019357 HLB016 File: CRD038614.gz
CRR019358 HLB-161 File: CRD038615.gz
CRR019359 YCH591 File: CRD038616.gz
CRR019360 FD-TVK23 File: CRD038617.gz
CRR019361 FD-TVK09 File: CRD038618.gz
CRR019362 YCH595 File: CRD038619.gz
CRR019363 HLB-118 File: CRD038620.gz
CRR019364 HLB-057 File: CRD038621.gz
CRR019365 YCH1499 File: CRD038622.gz
CRR019366 HLB-061 File: CRD038623.gz
CRR019367 HLB-102 File: CRD038624.gz
CRR019368 FD-NYD685 File: CRD038625.gz
CRR019369 FD-NYG71 File: CRD038626.gz
CRR019370 YCH412 File: CRD038627.gz
CRR019371 YCH1314 File: CRD038628.gz
CRR019372 YCH1500 File: CRD038629.gz
CRR019373 FD-NYG196 File: CRD038630.gz
CRR019374 FD-TVB19 File: CRD038631.gz
CRR019375 YCH651 File: CRD038632.gz
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Submitter:Yunzhi Huang (
Organizations:Fudan University
Date submitted:2017-04-21