CRA000249 Information
Alias: CRA_249
BioProject: PRJCA000440 / CRP000249
Release date: 2017-12-01
Experiments & Runs
Experiment Accession Title Taxon Name Platform Sample accession
CRX017837 tomato wounding time-course RNA-seq Solanum lycopersicum Illumina HiSeq 2500 SAMC012965
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR019431 Replicate1-wounding-0-hour File: CRD038753.gz
File: CRD038754.gz
CRR019432 Replicate1-wounding-1-hour File: CRD038755.gz
File: CRD038750.gz
CRR019433 Replicate1-wounding-6-hour File: CRD038756.gz
File: CRD038757.gz
CRR019434 Replicate1-wounding-12-hour File: CRD038751.gz
File: CRD038752.gz
CRR019435 Replicate2-wounding-0-hour File: CRD038758.gz
File: CRD038759.gz
CRR019436 Replicate2-wounding-1-hour File: CRD038760.gz
File: CRD038761.gz
CRR019437 Replicate2-wounding-6-hour File: CRD038762.gz
File: CRD038763.gz
CRR019438 Replicate2-wounding-12-hour File: CRD038764.gz
File: CRD038765.gz
CRR019439 Replicate3-wounding-0-hour File: CRD038766.gz
File: CRD038767.gz
CRR019440 Replicate3-wounding-1-hour File: CRD038768.gz
File: CRD038769.gz
CRR019441 Replicate3-wounding-6-hour File: CRD038770.gz
File: CRD038771.gz
CRR019442 Replicate3-wounding-12-hour File: CRD038772.gz
File: CRD038773.gz
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Submitter:minmin du (
Organizations:Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Date submitted:2017-05-04