CRA000276 Information
Alias: CRA_276
BioProject: PRJCA000471 / CRP000272
Release date: 2019-01-02
Experiments & Runs
Experiment Accession Title Taxon Name Platform Sample accession
CRX018035 3 paired PTC tumor tissues and control samples for RNA-seq Homo sapiens 454 GS 20 SAMC013200
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR019730 PTC1 File: CRD039306.gz
File: CRD039308.gz
CRR019731 PTC1-C File: CRD039307.gz
File: CRD039309.gz
CRR019732 PTC2 File: CRD039310.gz
File: CRD039311.gz
CRR019733 PTC2-C File: CRD039312.gz
File: CRD039313.gz
CRR019734 PTC3 File: CRD039314.gz
File: CRD039315.gz
CRR019735 PTC3-C File: CRD039316.gz
File: CRD039317.gz
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Submitter:Ping Li (
Organizations:Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital
Date submitted:2017-06-19