CRA000278 Information
Alias: CRA_278
Project: PRJCA000475 / CRP000274
Release date: 2017-09-19
Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample
CRX018037 Test JA response in hac1 Arabidopsis thaliana Illumina HiSeq 2500 SAMC013202
Run accession Alias Run data file information
CRR019724 hac1-JA1h File: CRD039270.gz
File: CRD039271.gz File: CRD039272.gz
File: CRD039273.gz File: CRD039274.gz
File: CRD039275.gz
CRR019725 hac1-CK File: CRD039276.gz
File: CRD039277.gz File: CRD039290.gz
File: CRD039291.gz File: CRD039278.gz
File: CRD039279.gz
CRR019726 hac1-JA24h File: CRD039280.gz
File: CRD039281.gz File: CRD039282.gz
File: CRD039292.gz File: CRD039283.gz
File: CRD039284.gz
CRR019727 WT-CK File: CRD039285.gz
File: CRD039286.gz File: CRD039287.gz
File: CRD039288.gz File: CRD039289.gz
File: CRD039293.gz
CRR019728 WT-JA1h File: CRD039294.gz
File: CRD039295.gz File: CRD039296.gz
File: CRD039297.gz File: CRD039298.gz
File: CRD039299.gz
CRR019729 WT-JA24h File: CRD039300.gz
File: CRD039301.gz File: CRD039302.gz
File: CRD039303.gz File: CRD039304.gz
File: CRD039305.gz
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Submitter:peng chun An (
Affiliation:Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Submission date:2017-06-19