CRA000857 Information
Alias: RNA-seq data of Drosophila de novo miRNA mutants
BioProject: PRJCA000812 / CRP000506
Release date: 2018-06-12
Experiments & Runs
Experiment Accession Title Taxon Name Platform Sample accession
CRX025772 RNA-seq for Dmel_mir984KO_R2 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027191
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028672 Dmel_mir984KO_R2_lane1 File: CRR028672_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028672_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028673 Dmel_mir984KO_R2_lane2 File: CRR028673_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028673_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028674 Dmel_mir984KO_R2_lane3 File: CRR028674_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028674_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028675 Dmel_mir984KO_R2_lane4 File: CRR028675_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028675_r2.fastq.gz
CRX025771 RNA-seq for Dmel_mir984KO_R1 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027190
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028668 Dmel_mir984KO_R1_lane1 File: CRR028668_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028668_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028669 Dmel_mir984KO_R1_lane2 File: CRR028669_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028669_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028670 Dmel_mir984KO_R1_lane3 File: CRR028670_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028670_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028671 Dmel_mir984KO_R1_lane4 File: CRR028671_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028671_r2.fastq.gz
CRX025770 RNA-seq for Dmel_mir978KO_R2 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027189
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028664 Dmel_ mir978KO _R2_lane1 File: CRR028664_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028664_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028665 Dmel_mir978KO_R2_lane2 File: CRR028665_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028665_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028666 Dmel_mir978KO_R2_lane3 File: CRR028666_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028666_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028667 Dmel_mir978KO_R2_lane4 File: CRR028667_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028667_r2.fastq.gz
CRX025769 RNA-seq for Dmel_mir978KO_R1 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027188
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028660 Dmel_mir978KO _R1_lane1 File: CRR028660_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028660_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028661 Dmel_mir978KO_R1_lane2 File: CRR028661_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028661_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028662 Dmel_mir978KO_R1_lane3 File: CRR028662_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028662_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028663 Dmel_ mir978KO _R1_lane4 File: CRR028663_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028663_r2.fastq.gz
CRX025768 RNA-seq for Dmel_control_R2 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027187
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028656 Dmel_ control _R2_lane1 File: CRR028656_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028656_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028657 Dmel_ control _R2_lane2 File: CRR028657_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028657_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028658 Dmel_ control _R2_lane3 File: CRR028658_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028658_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028659 Dmel_control_R2_lane4 File: CRR028659_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028659_r2.fastq.gz
CRX025753 RNA-seq for Dmel_control_R1 Drosophila Illumina HiSeq 2000 SAMC027185
Run Accession Run Alias Run Data File Information
CRR028632 Dmel_control_R1_lane1 File: CRR028632_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028632_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028633 Dmel_control_R1_lane2 File: CRR028633_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028633_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028634 Dmel_control_R1_lane3 File: CRR028634_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028634_r2.fastq.gz
CRR028635 Dmel_control_R1_lane4 File: CRR028635_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR028635_r2.fastq.gz
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Submitter:Guang-An Lu (
Organizations:SUN YAT-SEN university
Date submitted:2018-03-29