Run Information
AccessionAliasFile typeSubmit dateRelease date
CRR029675 re-expression of wild-type PTEN fastq 2018-05-03 2018-04-29
Data Blocks
File name Status File size (MB) Download
R18003783LR01-wt-1_combined_R1.fastq.gz Processed Succeed 4,417.73
R18003783LR01-wt-1_combined_R2.fastq.gz Processed Succeed 4,740.87
Accession Library name Platform Strategy Source Selection Layout
CRX026644 Ribo-Zero library Illumina HiSeq X-10 RNA-Seq TRANSCRIPTOMIC RANDOM PAIRED
Accession Title
SAMC030004 re-expression of wild-type PTEN
Accession Title
PRJCA000857 Nuclear PTEN safeguards pre-mRNA splicing to link Golgi extension and secretion for its tumor suppressive role