Organizations: Jiangxi Agricultural University

Accession Alias BioProject BioSample Experiment Run Organizations Release date
CRA001311 Red light induced watermelon defense against nematodes infection PRJCA001078 12 12
12 Jiangxi Agricultural University 2019-05-09
CRA001148 Discovery of unique single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with high nighttime temperature stress in rice using a hybrid sequencing strategy PRJCA001057 15 27
244 Jiangxi Agricultural University 2018-10-17
CRA000867 Transcriptomic insights into the blue light-induced female floral sex expression in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) PRJCA000814 1 2
6 Jiangxi Agricultural University 2018-05-09
CRA000885 Ovaries and Leaves of Lilium (CK AA LL) PRJCA000825 6 6
18 Jiangxi Agricultural University 2018-04-17