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Identifier PRJCA000378
Title Droplet-Cirseq
Project data type Whole genome sequencing
Organism Escherichia coli
Relevance Evolution
Description We developed a method namely Droplet-CirSeq to significantly improve the amplification bias, which presents obvious superiority over the currently prevalent methods in exploitation of ultra-low frequency mutations. Droplet-CirSeq would be promisingly used in the identification of low frequency mutations initiated from extremely low input DNA, such as DNA of uncultured microorganisms, captured DNA of target region, circulation DNA of plasma et al, and its creative conception of rolling circle amplification in droplets would also be used in other low input DNA amplification fields.
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Sample scope Material Capture Methodology Objective
Monoisolate Genome Whole Sequencing Raw Sequence Reads
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Release date 2017-03-20
Project data Samples:5
Availability FTP download
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Submitter Kaile  Wang;  Beijing Institute of Genomics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submitted date 2017-03-20