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Identifier PRJCA000397
Title o2n-seq
Project data type Whole genome sequencing
Organism Escherichia coli
Relevance Evolution
Description o2n-seq, an ultrasensitive and high-efficiency NGS library preparation method for discovering de novo, low-frequency mutations.
Project type information
Sample scope Material Capture Methodology Objective
Multispecies Genome Whole Sequencing Raw Sequence Reads
Target information
Strain, breed, cultivar Isolate name or label Description
W3110 and DH5a mix of w3110 and DH5a (100:1) for testing o2n-seq
Title Pubmed ID Doi Journal Year
Release date 2017-03-24
Project data Samples:10
Availability FTP download
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Submitter Kaile  Wang;  Beijing Institute of Genomics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submitted date 2017-03-24