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Identifier PRJCA000415
Title Comprehensive simulation of metagenomic sequencing data with non-uniform sampling distribution
Project data type Metagenome
Organism bacterial mixed DNA library
Relevance Model organism
Description We developed a non-uniform Metagenomic sequencing Simulation system (nuMetaSim) that is capable of mimicking various factors in real metagenomic sequencing to reflect multiple properties of real data with customizable parameter settings. We generated 9 comprehensive metagenomic datasets with different composition complexity from of 203 bacterial genomes and 2 archaeal genomes related with human intestine system. The data can serve as benchmarks for comparing performance of different methods at different situations, and the software package allows users to generate simulation data that can better reflect the specific properties in their scenarios.
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Sample scope Material Capture Methodology Objective
Multispecies Genome Whole Simulation by a computational model Raw Sequence Reads
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Release date 2017-04-06
Project data Samples:144
Availability FTP download
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Submitter Shansong  Liu;  Tsinghua University
Submitted date 2017-04-06