Download data

All the released data in GSA are available for downloading through the FTP tools (e.g. FileZilla, CuteFTP) or directly GSA FTP site. The GSA FTP site is: (username:anonymous, password:anonymous)

Under linux environment:

Use wget command, for example:


Under windows environment:

Use FTP tool, (FileZilla)




If you connect successfully,then change to the path /gsa

GSA FTP server deposits data by BioProejct. For example, the directory 'PRJCA000091' in GSA FTP root holds all the sequencing files belong to this project, and in this directory, you can find all the data in different Samples, Experiments or Runs.

If one project belongs to an umbrella project, the data deposited under this umbrella project.
For example, in the GSA FTP root, the directory 'XDA08000000' is an umbrella project, and all the BioProject and its sequencing files deposited here if belong to this umbrella project.